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Hi, I'm Jose Alea, a NASM certified personal trainer and founder of Resolution Fitness. I started providing mobile gym concierge services after hearing about endless obstacles to getting fit and healthy.

My goal to help my clients fall in love with fitness, remove excuses, and get rid of the negative narrative we tell ourselves. "I don't have time to go to the gym," "I don't know how to work out once I get there," or "I'm not up for another failed attempt at getting healthy and fit."

I have heard it all, but that doesn't have to be your story.

The mission of Resolution Fitness is to remove all the obstacles and excuses that get in the way of you becoming the best fit and healthy you. That's why I bring the gym to you! I have a 28 foot, fully equipped, temperature-controlled gym that comes directly to you. Together, we will craft your personal goals and make them happen. All you have to do is walk out your front door and show up with a desire to improve your performance, your mindset, your motivation, and, ultimately, your life. Don't let the weather or the drive to the gym hold you back.

Ready to remove those excuses?

NASM Certification Spartan SGX CPR Certification

Personal Training

Interested Package

30 Minutes

$60 Per Session

Paid in advance. Add another person for $39 more. Book Now
Interested Package


$85 Per Session

Paid in advance. Add another person for $39 more. Book Now
Committed Package


$79 Per Session

4 session package, paid in advance. Add another person for $39 more. Book Now
All-In Package


$75 Per Session

12 session package, paid in advance. Add another person for $39 more. Book Now
All-In Package


$155 for 90 Mins

$135 for 60 Mins Learn More

Group Fitness

Fitness is fun with friends, not to mention it leads to better results. Researchers found working out in a group lowers stress by 26% and significantly improved quality of life. A special bond forms when a group perserveres, sweats, and overcomes challenges together. Training in a group setting provides social opportunities, accountability, motivation, and learning opportunities to perfect your form. Group fitness is perfect for neighborhood classes, office teams, or increasing speed and agility for sports teams.


$15 Per Person

Paid in advance. 6 person minimum. Book Now

Corporate Wellness

According to 22 different studies for every $1 spent on corporate wellness, companies saved $3.27 due to lower healthcare costs. Most large healthcare plans also provide premium discounts when companies offer corporate wellness plans for employees. Corporate wellness programs improve employee health behavior, reduce their health risks, reduce out of pocket healthcare costs, improve productivity, lower absenteeism, and increase employee morale.

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Achieve the next level by matching your Mobile Gym workouts with a nutrition plan. Our coaches can craft a perfect nutrition regiment, tailored to you and your goals.


$150 w/ Workouts

$200 for nutrition plan only. Paid in advance. Learn More
  • "Your program was awesome!"

    Jose, at 46 years old, I was a very unlikely candidate for my police department SWAT team. The first time I tried out for the team, I injured my shoulder. I appreciate the training program you designed for me. Your program was awesome, and I got through the tryout injury-free. I completed SWAT school, and now I'm an active member of the team. Thanks for designing the training program and focusing on strengthening my shoulder. You're the best.

    Mark Benham

  • "Highly recommend!!!"

    Jose has trained just about every member of our family at one point or another. Can't say enough great things about this man and the services he offers -- from small group classes to individualized personal training. Highly recommend!!!

    Topher Delp

  • "Jose has really honed in his craft"

    Jose has really honed in his craft. RFA brings the workout to you with an ever varying experience to meet the needs of those for the beginner to advanced person. He creates a complete group experience to individual training based upon your specific needs. The amount of equipment his mobile gym is equipped with is only rivaled by Dwayne Johnson's (The Rocks) travel gym.

    Brian Hutcherson

  • "Jose is a fabulous trainer!!!"

    Jose is a fabulous trainer!!! I have been using him for the past several months and have seen a noticeable difference in my body and endurance.

    Jennifer Brackin


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